Sewage Removal Team To Help In Tampa

We understand how unsettling a sewage backup can be. Don’t worry, we’ve dealt with this many times. We have the latest drying technology and the training necessary to remove any odor or toxins left. Our licensed technicians will leave your home or business cleaner than before so that you can continue living your life.

Our team streamlines the process by filing insurance papers for you. We provide the best services available so that you can return home with a fresh start.



When you are facing sewage damage, please do not come into contact with the affected area. Raw sewage is high in bacteria and can make an unequipped person very sick.

However, if the flow of sewage continues, find and close your main water valve. This will at least stop the water if it is coming from an incoming water pipe.

If you cannot turn off your water line or the backup continues, form an impromptu dam or attempt to contain it.

Unlike other disasters, we recommend not attempting to salvage anything in the space.

We cannot stress enough that any sewage cleanup should be done by a team you can trust. It is at your decision who is chosen to restore your home or business.